The agricultural sector is currently enjoying increased investor attention around the world as a viable investment option based on a strong medium to long term outlook, a hedge against inflation, and its non-correlated alternative characteristics when considered alongside mainstream investment options.

The management of Monta Flora comes from a long standing family business that has been continuously involved in the Australian agriculture sector since 1839 and are of the view that the current global outlook for Australian agriculture offers opportunities unparalleled in the history of this country. 

In order to fully participate in this changing agricultural landscape Monta Flora offers an advisory role as well as welcoming expressions of interest from parties who are interested to partner with an experienced 7th generation family agribusiness which is primarliy involved in broadacre non-irrigated agriculture in southern Australia.


Monta Flora has a highly experienced and educated team and understands that Australian agricultural investment is an immature market and lacking information supporting the investment sector. To this end Monta Flora, being a nimble family owned business, acts as both advisor and offers investment opportunities as well as the ability to 'reverse engineer' investment options to suit the individual goals and requirements of certain investors. 



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This investment opportunity is restricted to those who do not require disclosure under section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001.


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