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Monta Flora Agriculture is a diverse primary production agribusiness based in the high rainfall zone of South Australia's Lower North; approximately 100km north of Adelaide. We are a seventh generation family business that has been continuously involved in Australian agriculture since 1839 possessing deep local experience with a tradition of innovative and sustainable improvements in productivity. Our program includes the production of premium grains including wheat, barley, canola, faba beans, lentils and chickpeas in addition to our beef cattle stud and sheep enterprise.


The Monta Flora team has substantial hands-on experience, expertise and depth rarely found in a privately held farming operation and welcomes enquiries from individuals and organisations seeking to participate in Australian agriculture.

Archibald & Marion Greenshields arrived in the new colony of South Australia in 1839 at the invitation of a Glasgow based businessman to manage property he had purchased. They saw the erection of the first building in the capital city, Adelaide.

Robert Smyth and family arrived from Ireland in 1846. Pictured is Robert's Son David and wife Flora with their 7 children who took up the original land at Salter Springs and built the sprawling homestead 'Monta Flora'.

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